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HuaHua and LouLou reunited May 19, 2008

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HuaHua, at 1 week short of 5 months of age, went on the plane with me to Chicago area for another round of Rachy III. She was so good during the trip, out with me everyday practicing and rehearsing, really remarkable! The concert master actually reserved her seat on stage next to the piano with her name on it Smile She was loved by everyone who met her.

After 5 whole days apart, HuaHua was happy to be back home being her wild puppy self, and being with her favorite LouLou. Lots of chasing and ‘boxing’ matches between the two of them. At the end of the day they cuddled happily together. Thank you LouLou, for being so kind to HuaHua Smile

HuaHua & LouLou

HuaHua & LouLou 2

My Aerogrow Cherry Tomato Garden November 6, 2007

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THERE HAVE BEEN TOMATOES EVERYWHERE! (since I have been shaking the plants everyday to pollinating them, lots of tomatoes in the past months Smile )


—— End of Update ——

I have officially gone even mader and got my THIRD aerogrow garden — growing Cherry Tomotoes with this one. Apparently, LouLou is as excited as I am! Smile

LouLou LouLou

leaf Day 1 April 6, 2007


Two Red Heirloom seed pods in the back, and one Golden Harvest in the front, the rest are the plant spacers.


LouLou slept guarding the garden the very first night Smile


leaf Day 4 April 9, 2007

Tomato Day 4

All three seed pods sprouted!


leaf Day 5 April 10, 2007

Tomato Day 5 LouLou day 5

6am, woke up seeing the most beautiful water drops on the tomato leaves… LouLou wanted to be in the picture too Smile


leaf Day 7 April 12, 2007

Tomato Day 7

Second tier of leaves showed up this morning.


leaf Day 9 April 14, 2007

Tomato Day 9


leaf Day 19 April 24, 2007

Tomato Day 19

Came home from Dubuque to find my tomato plants growing quite tall!


leaf Day 25 April 30, 2007

Tomato Day 25

Home from Evansville to find my tomato plants another inch taller Smile


leaf Day 39 May 14, 2007

Tomato Day 39 Flower

I can’t express how excited I was to find the first flower on the yellow tomato plant! Does this mean tomatoes are coming soon? Smile

Tomato Day 39


leaf Day lost count… July 22, 2007


Since I don’t seem to do a good job pollinating the flowers, I have long given up on my tomato plants and let it grow wild — somehow planning on starting it all over again.

For the first time in a long while, besides watering them, I took a look, there it was, a tiny little green tomato! (pictured is about the real life size) Well, one is better than nothing — I can’t wait for it to turn yellow Smile

Double the Kitty November 1, 2007

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Lunch today, persimmon & kiwi in double deck Hello Kitty lunch box — not really LouLou’s… Smile

Hello Kitty & LouLou

Ever since I started using this amazing organic grocery delivery service — Urban Organic, I have had abundant of in season organic fruits and vegetables that taste so exceptionally great. I really didn’t know there could be such a huge difference in the texture and taste of a fruit when it is grown right. Help saving this planet is quite a fantastic thing after all Smile

Hello Kitty Bento Box October 12, 2007

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Hello Kitty Bento Box

Got the cutest Hello Kitty Bento Boxes (one in red, one in black) decided to make things to fill it up for dinner. After his lesson, Ryota and I started making gyoza (dumplings) from scratch (from dough to vege stuffing), and we made vege udon noodle and some raw vege sushi to go with it. Ryota gets around the kitchen really well, he figures everything out so quickly, a great little helper Smile Not that I show favoritism with my students, I know Ryota’s dad Takashi since I was in high school, he lived just across the hall way from me and still does with his family. I first met Ryota when his mom Wakako was pregnant with him, and he is now 10! Pretty amazing.

Ryota & Wakako
(BooBoo always sits on the table when we eat, politely, but very determined to guilt you into feeding him some yummy food Smile ) 

I haven’t had anyone cooking in my kitchen since my sous chef Nathaniel Yangco passed away earlier this year… Everything in my kitchen reminds me of him, for that he never stopped asking about the technique for every tool I have, and for every dish we made, he took more pride in it then I did… It is nice to have a sous chef again — I had a ball using child labor Smile

Prince BooBoo July 14, 2007

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Prince BooBoo

Funy, it’s been 5 years, I am still gaga over BooBoo… Smile

Happy Birthday to my dearest BooBoo May 26, 2007

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BooBoo sitting next to MiMi

BooBoo sleeping next to MiMi

It’s BooBoo’s fifth birthday, I had the pet store delivered quite a few human grade fansy cat food for him (knowning that lots of domestic cat food has been recalled…), tried all day long, he wouldn’t eat anything until I finally gave him his old chicken and liver entree… I guess he is just a meat and potato kind of guy Smile

Pictured are BooBoo and MiMi, my 13 year old Smoke Cameo Persian queen, who somehow sensed “BooBoo day”, allowed him to sit with her and even sleep next to her! She is not mentioned here before because she doesn’t like the 2 boys too much, she would never let them come close to her. I guess she has a change of heart Smile I just love watching them…

Feline Behavior March 28, 2007

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BooBoo BooBoo

BooBoo has been guarding my suitcase for days since I came home, I wonder if he is trying to prevent me from leaving again… time to finish unpacking…

LouLou LouLou

As I am working away at the computer, this is what it usually looks like behind the scene — LouLou nesting on me and put my legs to sleep…

The Boys February 24, 2007

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caught a cold, have been moping around the past 2 days — didn’t even make it to Mattias‘ guitar recital — and I heard I missed out on a fabulous performance…

It is extremely cold in my apartment, nice to see that the boys are keeping each other warm… they take away my misery…

LouLou & BooBoo sleeping

LouLou & BooBoo

What can I say? I am a fan… February 13, 2007

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Oh, well, only in a small degree… more so of gadgets and machines. And when it comes in pink with a kitty face — makes it just so much more fun Smile


This is in response to Hello Kitty Hell

A Hello Kitty Humidifier (the cold steam comes out of the kitty ears.) Just added to my collection of plugged in kitties.

The real kitty is LouLou, my 14 months old Brit Boy.