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Abuse of Weakness October 6, 2013

Filed under: Film — Jung @ 3:45 am

This was one special moment for me — seeing two of my heroines on stage — Catherine Breillat and Isabelle Huppert, for Abuse of Weakness at NYFF51. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I love them so!!!!!

L’amour fou May 20, 2011

Filed under: Film,food — Jung @ 9:10 pm

Saw L’amour fou at my fav Paris Theater this afternoon, found Yves Saint-Laurent’s depression inspiring (and rousing)… I too wish to live that almost pretentiously civilized manner, depressed or not, all out in its most dramatic way, leaving the most striking and flamboyant mark — need to drop everything. pack my bags and move to Paris at once! So a girl can dream… Blush

Had some yummy Afghani food afterward at Ariana, enjoyed their baklava and black tea spiced with cardamom. The rain stopped finally on the way walking back. Spotted some wild mushrooms on the sidewalk, I wonder if they are edible… The film, the rain, the grey sky, makes this one beautifully melancholic New York May day…

btw, very impressed with the mobile ticket from fandango and can’t believe Paris Theater is now so high tech!

mobile ticket L'amour fou

baklava at Ariana

wild mushrooms

I too am trapped on a ship… September 22, 2010

Filed under: Film — Jung @ 12:39 am

of all these years of endless practicing, I, too, am trapped on a ship…
The Legend of 1900 — touched — see this film…
Remembering the time I was told that I played with 5 hands regarding my Bandinage by Joyce Bloemendaal who had me come in at the last sec subbing for Ruth Laredo in Iowa Smile
ahh, piano, my piano, you are my life long love affair…
thanks sis, Allison, you always have something amazing to tell me about…

Secretary March 29, 2009

Filed under: Film — Jung @ 5:49 pm

While I am at times home alone at Ray’s, I am left with lots and lots of books and films to keep me entertained (we are both book worms and film addicts Smile )

Check this film out if you haven’t seen it — Secretary. Here is a clip of it on YouTube… fun…

Volver December 19, 2007

Filed under: Film — Jung @ 1:17 am

VolverJust watched this most light hearted film on the subject of death, Volver, a film by PEDRO ALMODÓVAR. The story is based around 6 very strong women, and of course, with Almodóvar’s signature of lots of twist and turn, secrets and scandals… The story is set in Almodóvar’s home town La Mancha (a terribly windy region where there is the highest rate of insanity in its population, related somehow to the wind…) The film is based on his own experience growing up with all the women around him, how they were actually the core of all families in small towns of Spain. It is really sincere, and delightful… well, this is as much as I am going to tell you…

Started digging into all Almodóva’s films back in 1999 when I saw “All About My Mother”. Intrigued, and went on with “Dark Habits”, “The Flower of My Secret”, “Live Flesh”, “Talk to Her”, “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!”, “What Have I Done to Deserve This?” (still waiting for a few more of his older film to be released on DVD). For a while I felt he was a bit tided up with his very unique but aiming for shock effect formula. Volver, turned out to be much more refreshing, and I think it is far more successful than his last film “Bad Education”.