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my travel companion July 13, 2009

Filed under: Hello Kitty — Jung @ 9:34 am

HK madness

need help… Smile

These probably helped me getting only very minor-ly searched at the airport since my goth long skirt with a million metal pieces and buckles triggered the metal detector… note to self… do NOT go goth next time when travel…

took only a few pictures while in Nantucket this time, they are up on My Gallery site.

At least they are whole wheat… April 16, 2009

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Hello Kitty Waffle Maker

Hello Kitty Waffles

OK… I am in one of those moods… Wink

I actually don’t eat any of these things I make (lucky friends I have Smile ) Having a big jug of raw vege juice for breakfast for real…

Seaside Market March 28, 2009

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Ray took us to 九份 Gio Fan (again, don’t know if the spelling is right, meaning Nine Portions) for the day, a large gathered market place of so many different kinds of traditional foodshops in old traditional houses. It is my first time seeing all the goodies in the books I just bought from Eslite Bookshop alive — really can’t wait to make them myself!! Quite moody even in this uncomfortable 100% humidity rainy day.

Tasted all the vegan treats we found, quite a lot of them, and my new found favorite thing is Salt Pickled Shredded Daikon Wrapped in Sticky Rice Cake (mochi) — sweet on the outside, savory inside — quite subtle.



funny shop owner in costume with “taking photographs is free of charge” written on her shirt Smile


the sign says — play, dream through life…


A tea place we went to, is in a famed Japanese film


Had some fantastic Jasmine Pearls tea with little bites of traditional food


As we were leaving the tea place

Again, a lot lot more pictures are at http://www.gallery.junglin.com

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty everywhere again, HK in Taiwan is like Elvis in the US, you can’t go through a day of life without seeing its image… LOL

Babysit! March 26, 2009

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Ray is moving his company to a new place these past weeks. Alison (see her new mosaic making blog), my sweetest sis in law, a graphic designer turn full time mommy, has been an amazing force in designing the office layout and seeing all things through accordingly. Me, their happy do nothing house guest, volunteered to take the little Jess after school with me for a day since he is out of school at noon and everyone will be stuck at the office.

Hello Kitty Food

Jess brought home some Hello kitty crackers from school — they even hand out HK food in elementary school!

Made Jess some homemade Macaroni with Cheddar and Parmigiano Reggiano (and lots and lots of vege in it) for lunch, then we went on a road trip to Yamaha Artist Service Center where I practiced for 2.5 hours while he did his homework and performed some magic tricks to entertain the nice people working there.

Jess and I

Jess and I in the subway train

Eslite Bookshop

A different entrance of the Eslite Bookshop, love how this picture turns out

We walked to the nearby, now my fav place on earth, Eslite Bookshop, to get him piles of the Adventure with Ting Ting comic books as his 8 year birthday gifts (March 31st) and cookbook shop some more after. Then we continued walking to Taipei 101, had fun eating at a”sushi train” place at the food court in the basement, and grocery shop some more, then finally head home at 8 p.m. with lots of pastry and desert for Jess’ big brother Ryan — knowing he would be very unhappy about missing out all the action since he had full day of school Wink

Sushi Train

Sushi Train

This is my very first time EVER spending time with a child alone. Even though I have the most patience when I teach children and consider myself quite a fabulous teacher to them, I know I have never been big on children. Last time I offended someone not saying his cat was soooooo adorable looking at the pictures, my defense was, “I am so sorry, Michael, I have never gaga-ed over any baby pictures, how would I gaga over kitty pictures?!” So this day was quite interesting to me that there were some moments I could really laugh at myself HARD Smile :

When we were on our way to Yamaha, “respecting” Jess’ “individuality” and “independency,” I left him roam the street around me, but I kept asking him to walk in front of me so he doesn’t get out of sight. Quite worried again when we left Yamaha, I finally asked him if I could “crab on to his jacket” so I wouldn’t lose him in the crowd. Jess answered, “Why don’t we just hold hands?”

How could I never have thought of that, REALLY???!!!!! LOL

So I held hands with Jess the rest of the day — my very first time, and it felt kind of sweet Smile

And later that night, I found myself apologizing to Jess for demanding him not to ask me any questions during our day trip — I couldn’t believe I asked him to do that as I asked my parents the same thing when I was staying with them before I moved to my brother’s… I just couldn’t get myself to answer questions or reporting my actions to anyone being SO on my own for sooooo many years… LOL, guess I have a lot of learn… fun day though Smile


Found more Hello Kitty food at Jason’s Market Place… HK is EVERYWHERE Smile

Eslite Bookstore March 24, 2009

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Love love love this bookstore and all its 8 floors have to offer. Got a million books on Taiwanese food home, then Ray gave me some more for my indulgence. Hey, Linda and Lisa, you guys are going to be fed very very well when I come home! Smile 



Went back to Jason’s Market Place at Taipei 101 after book shopping, love this market, I can even find my favorite brand of dressing here visite site! Guess what I had for dinner? My facebook friends tagged quite a few pictures of a whole stalk of broccoli with honey mustard dressing on the side as me… yep, my favorite thing to eat in the entire world! Wink

Hello Kitty food… saw them at Jason’s Market Place, had to take pictures… Smile 



Becoming spoiled :-) March 11, 2009

Filed under: Hello Kitty,Music,Toys,Travelog — Jung @ 2:13 am

Have been practicing at Yamaha Artist Service Center Taipei daily, where I get to go online with government owned Wifly public wifi which only cost 500 Taiwanese Dollar for 1 month unlimited usage. My parents’ home where I have been staying at has no internet… imagine!!!!

People at YASC Taipei are sooooo kind, they not only let me bang the hell out of their pristine piano in this soundproof room, they worry about my lunch, dinner, and water supply, I am treated sooooooo well here, I almost want to move in! Smile

Here are a few pix of my practicing condition

Hello Kitty

The Hello Kitty collectable stuff toys and the Hello Kitty cash card with smart chip for 7-11, are gifts from Mr. Hung, the manager here, who on his off duty day just came in to bring me these gifts after he read about my thing with HK on the newspaper (the reporter must have gotten it off my silly blog here… Smile ), did I say I am spoiled here? Wink

Yamaha piano

At times updating FB for bff Linda, she has all my FB updates sent to her phone, don’t know how she does it, hmm… Smile

front view

Outside of one window, Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world right now! It only took me 3 days to realize it was outside of my practicing room, I guess I wasn’t looking… Smile

left view

Another side of the window, looks a little Time Square like.

Sound Devices 722

Charging my fab new toy Sound Devices 722, just tested the sound yesterday, it is fantastic!!! Don’t know how something so small could be so fabulous — love love love it!


Three thermostats for my comfort… Should I say I am getting really very spoiled? Wink hmm, time to actually practice the piano now…

Barley Risotto with Young Soy Beans and Mushrooms November 19, 2007

Filed under: food,Hello Kitty — Jung @ 12:15 pm

Lunch Today.

Barley Risotto

I find it hard to stay very raw when the weather is so cold, but I do keep 2 out of 3 meals raw everyday. This is my newest acquisition — Hello Kitty Rice Bowl with Cover.

Hello Kitty Rice Bowl with Cover

So my regression continues… Smile

Hello Kitty Chocolate Banana Vegan Cupcake November 6, 2007

Filed under: food,Hello Kitty — Jung @ 1:02 pm

Dessert after lunch today:

Hello Kitty Chocolate Banana Vegan Cupcake

* all ingredients organic *
1 1/4 cup freshly ground soft whole wheat
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 mashed banana
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp ground flax seed plus 3 tbsp water (as egg replacer)
1/2 cup homemade Vanilla Brazil nut milk
1/2 cup maple sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
Tofutti tofu cream cheese for frosting

Double the Kitty November 1, 2007

Filed under: BooBoo and LouLou,food,Hello Kitty — Jung @ 12:54 pm

Lunch today, persimmon & kiwi in double deck Hello Kitty lunch box — not really LouLou’s… Smile

Hello Kitty & LouLou

Ever since I started using this amazing organic grocery delivery service — Urban Organic, I have had abundant of in season organic fruits and vegetables that taste so exceptionally great. I really didn’t know there could be such a huge difference in the texture and taste of a fruit when it is grown right. Help saving this planet is quite a fantastic thing after all Smile

Hello Kitty Bento Box October 12, 2007

Filed under: BooBoo and LouLou,food,Hello Kitty,Students — Jung @ 10:41 pm

Hello Kitty Bento Box

Got the cutest Hello Kitty Bento Boxes (one in red, one in black) decided to make things to fill it up for dinner. After his lesson, Ryota and I started making gyoza (dumplings) from scratch (from dough to vege stuffing), and we made vege udon noodle and some raw vege sushi to go with it. Ryota gets around the kitchen really well, he figures everything out so quickly, a great little helper Smile Not that I show favoritism with my students, I know Ryota’s dad Takashi since I was in high school, he lived just across the hall way from me and still does with his family. I first met Ryota when his mom Wakako was pregnant with him, and he is now 10! Pretty amazing.

Ryota & Wakako
(BooBoo always sits on the table when we eat, politely, but very determined to guilt you into feeding him some yummy food Smile ) 

I haven’t had anyone cooking in my kitchen since my sous chef Nathaniel Yangco passed away earlier this year… Everything in my kitchen reminds me of him, for that he never stopped asking about the technique for every tool I have, and for every dish we made, he took more pride in it then I did… It is nice to have a sous chef again — I had a ball using child labor Smile

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