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So I’ve sinned with pleasure… :-) March 18, 2009

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Ray took me to his chef friend 王燈煌’s restaurant 東丸 for some most extravagant raw fish experience… Did I mention Ray is a disciple of great chefs, just like ME!!! Again the similarities between us two “strangers” are too much to be believed… we even have the same behavioral patterns that are too odd to find duplications in another person… Smile

Having lots of rare to find delicacies that I will have to check with Ray again about their names… The whole experience was so sublime, I was in a trance… ADORE CHEFS!!!!!!


The great sushi master 王燈煌 himself




a delicacy of some red sparkling squid


this one I remember, since chef showed me the original fish Smile
Red Snapper in yuzu sauce (ceviche like) with basil flowers — to die for


The most amazing poached cherry tomatoes, with lots of begging, got the recipe:

– peeled cherry tomatoes
– salted and dried plums
– shiso leaves
– white wine
– sugar


The sweetest shrimp(quite large) from the coast of Japan, I even ate the head (and I was supposed to…)


The most amazing handroll I’ve ever tasted!!!! After lots of begging again, got the recipe Smile

– fried strings of a Japanese root vegetable
– julienned apple
– mayo
– japanese flavored seaweed mix
– lettuce and nori sheet



I was sooooo enjoying this warm oyster piece that I couldn’t stop smiling, chef was very pleased looking at my expressions of ecstasy Smile

Too bad this was all I could eat, chef said he was just warming up, and was very disappointed that he couldn’t show me all his masterful skills with nigiri sushi and made me promise to visit again before I leave Taipei… hmm, I think I really want to!Now dessert time Smile


really loved that most delicate chilled sake we were sipping tonight — yes, sipping, the way drinking is meant to be, don’t know why I drank like a mad idiot while I was in New York… I’ve really been enjoying eating and tasting all the fabulous food Ray takes me to, I am starting to feel sane and centered like I used to be.


That white sesame paste jelly was so light and creamy, I could eat it EVERYDAY!!! Gonna duplicate it when I get to my kitchen… hmm… that is if I will ever want to return to New York, so far, I want to stay here forever Smile


On our way home, this is how beautiful Taipei’s streets are… I am in love with this city and I am mildly and sincerely happy…

Taipei 101 March 17, 2009

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Using the correct time in Taipei for my posts from now on… (time to stop holding onto New York time…)

Ray is out of town on business and Alison is busy with Jess’ school field trip today, guarded with a detailed map Ray left me, headed Taipei 101 via the spanking new subway system by myself, how fun Smile


Took a million pictures, have uploaded them on my photograph gallery http://www.gallery.junglin.com

Taipei 101

Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world today!

Taipei 101

Self portrait as I was leaving the observation deck in this futuristic walkway… Wink

Following 2 are short clips I took using my little Canon camera…

These 5 clips are the Discovery Channel documentary on Taipei 101 in English I found on YouTube, it is really fascinating!

Don’t ask me why, I feel such a sense of pride even though I live most of my life in the big apple…

What’s for Dinner? March 16, 2009

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My big brother Ray took the entire family to a fab Indian restaurant, Tandoor, in the foreigner region of Taipei (Tien-Moo, meaning Sky Mother) for celebratory dinner after my recital on Sunday. Was still sick from before the taipei trip, didn’t remember to take any pictures, including a giant Hello Kitty shop we stumbled upon when we were parking…

Happily packed up my stuff at my parents’ after dinner and moved to Ray’s place with his family (loveliest sis-in-law Alison, their 2 young sons 9-yr-old Ryan, and to-be-8-yr-old Jess) for the rest of my staying in Taipei. Ray is a published writer (essays, short fictions) who went through medical school, but went on to be a brilliant programmer, system designer and business man on top of a million other things he does. From our long conversations in the past weeks, I found Ray to be my “long lost twin.” We have become very similar two individuals as adults (even though in totally different fields) not ever knowing each other in the past 20 years living in 2 time zones that are, half of a year, 13 hours different… Ray is a serious body builder who is a mostly raw vegan just like me — imagine! We even choose to live the same way without ever exchange a word with each other!

Got a call from him last night from this largest organic food market in Taipei at the Taipei 101 building, asking me how I liked durian. “Never had it before,” I replied. He then brought home 2 freshly off the fruit packages of this thing known as king of fruit. The two of us ate this most magnificent delicacy washed it down with some delicious raw chocolate martinis I tossed up as dinner while his family held their breath… Smile I had no idea how amazing durian tastes! It is like mango mousse with a hint of onion, butter, and vanilla — but tastes a million times better than I described it of course… I am thinking of attacking the 2nd package now for breakfast… Smile




Guess I am heading back to YASC :-) March 14, 2009

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Having too much fun with the people at Yamaha Artist Service Center, I think they don’t want me to stop practicing there, scheduled me a recital on the 27th of March at their own facility Wink

guess I am not gonna head back to New York any time soon… yeah!!!

Passion Fruit Beer :-) March 13, 2009

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Having a passion fruit Belgian beer after practicing with my brother Ray at this very cozy restaurant his friend owns, it was really yummy Smile



someone should lay those wine bottles down…



This is a restaurant!? March 11, 2009

Filed under: food,Travelog — Jung @ 9:59 pm

My big brother Ray picked me up after practicing tonight, we went for a drive.


This round thing above, whatever it is called, is the largest in Asia.  


Wego, the most infamous place on earth, or on this island of Taiwan, is a high price motel that its rooms are for rental 2 hours at a time… you figure out what that means… Wink Ray was telling me about how motels are the biggest business in Taiwan (indeed, they are EVERYWHERE, guess the repression Taiwanese people suffer has to come out somehow…), not only they are extravagantly decorated and expensively charged, they are known for their scent-free-soaps. Wego is where all the celebrities meet up with their lovers, all the paparazzi are on hide out here… too funny Smile There is a contest going on at this place asking their customers to make amateur adult film and posting it on YouTube, when I find out what Wego is in Chinese, I will add it here, my brother told me the clips are hilarious…

(here it is http://www.im.tv/myvlog/wego I am not gonna give direct link, if you are curious, copy this address in your browser…)


Continuing with our conversation about possibly opening a restaurant together, Ray took me to this monster of a construction, called “Five Cents on the Wood” or something. It is a RESTAURANT! Imagine… Build by a woman with the wildest ideas… 



Walkway to the restaurant. 


Lobby area 


Looking down from the lobby. 






Dinning area and the original paintings by the owner 




Crazy, isn’t it?! Taipei is so fantastic a place, so much wealth and so many different things, it is really beautiful, I am intrigued, can’t wait to start exploring it after my solo recital on Sunday… only a few more days… I am hanging in there Smile 

Becoming spoiled :-)

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Have been practicing at Yamaha Artist Service Center Taipei daily, where I get to go online with government owned Wifly public wifi which only cost 500 Taiwanese Dollar for 1 month unlimited usage. My parents’ home where I have been staying at has no internet… imagine!!!!

People at YASC Taipei are sooooo kind, they not only let me bang the hell out of their pristine piano in this soundproof room, they worry about my lunch, dinner, and water supply, I am treated sooooooo well here, I almost want to move in! Smile

Here are a few pix of my practicing condition

Hello Kitty

The Hello Kitty collectable stuff toys and the Hello Kitty cash card with smart chip for 7-11, are gifts from Mr. Hung, the manager here, who on his off duty day just came in to bring me these gifts after he read about my thing with HK on the newspaper (the reporter must have gotten it off my silly blog here… Smile ), did I say I am spoiled here? Wink

Yamaha piano

At times updating FB for bff Linda, she has all my FB updates sent to her phone, don’t know how she does it, hmm… Smile

front view

Outside of one window, Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world right now! It only took me 3 days to realize it was outside of my practicing room, I guess I wasn’t looking… Smile

left view

Another side of the window, looks a little Time Square like.

Sound Devices 722

Charging my fab new toy Sound Devices 722, just tested the sound yesterday, it is fantastic!!! Don’t know how something so small could be so fabulous — love love love it!


Three thermostats for my comfort… Should I say I am getting really very spoiled? Wink hmm, time to actually practice the piano now…

The National Concert Hall! March 10, 2009

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At the Taiwan National Concert Hall during dress rehearsal today.

Taiwan National Concert Hall

The good looking concertmaster was my classmate and chamber partner at age 10! Smile I can’t remember ever being that young any longer…

Taiwan National Concert Hall

The orchestra manager, Louise, who worked so hard for us, thanks Smile

Taiwan National Concert Hall

Really love this hall, the look and the acoustic… hmm, forgot to take pictures of it from outside, it is gorgeous. This was a tough day, 1 p.m. practicing on the stage, 4 p.m info. dress rehearsal, 7:30 p.m. concert!

Taipei has changed entirely since my childhood, it is really beautiful. After the concert, I hung with my big brother, Ray, just the two of us at the Brown Sugar Jazz Club, listening to a singer I actually heard of when I was young. Really enjoy spending time with Ray, he has turned out to be a person of so many admirable qualities, not to mention he himself is a genius in so many different things! Getting to know him has made this trip worth a very long while… I am grateful.

Nantucket and Alaska August 28, 2007

Filed under: Travelog — Jung @ 2:22 pm

Have been away most of August, it was really hard on a borderline antisocial computer nerd like me, not to mention my despair of being away from MiMi, BooBoo, and LouLou. Thanks to Amelia and her daddy & mommy, the three kitties and all my aeroponic plants were well taken cared of.

After the two recitals in Poland, did another recital in Nantucket — the lack of practicing due to constant traveling, actually helped me get refreshed from this whole year of exhaustion — I enjoyed playing my recitals immensely even though I am still aiming for my early retirement Wink Much prefer to be sincere to my passion for every little thing, making a living out of anything seems to deviate one from the original love — much prefer to be a bum, I guess, be sincere to the impulse to create and nothing more, so far I am getting away with living this way, grateful 8)

It was my 4th time playing on Nantucket, it is such a beautiful island filled with Hydrangeas (not much of a beach person, never actually go toward the sea). I have one surviving potted Hydrangea plant for a year and half now, it is my fantasy to plant it in the front yard of my dream house somewhere in an open field — if I ever actually get time to find that dream…

Nantucket Nantucket Nantucket

Then there was Alaska, went with WQXR’s tour for 8 days, was going to edit my 17 CDs but decided to just do nothing and stayed on the ship (feeling terrible about having so many hard working ship crews serving me though). Saw the most beautiful coastline from Vancouver, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchiken, then back to Vancouver. Everyday the sky is of a different color, the water is of different movements and tone, it was moody, and astonishingly beautiful. Maybe I should have gone into the wilderness with an excursion tour, but it was just too much work — laziness took control over me for the first time.

Nantucket Nantucket Nantucket

I have uploaded quite a few pictures to my gallery again, maybe you will enjoy them Smile

Following Chopin August 11, 2007

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Thanks to Andrzej’s seamless arrangements, “Following Chopin” troop of 25 had a memorable trip.

We covered Chopin Museum and Wilanow Palace in Warsaw, Zelazowa Wola — Chopin’s birth place, Antonin Palace (Chopin was once the guest of the prince there) — where I played a recital, Wieliczka Salt Mine Museum — where I saw an ad of my recital on a billboard Smile, Wawel Castle, Old Town, and Saint Mary Cathedral in Krakow, and the Krakow National Museum (where Leonardo da Vince’s portrait is in permanent display) — where I played a recital with a surprisingly large turn out, then Lazienki Palace back in Warsaw, and the farewell dinner at Andrzej’s beautiful home lovingly prepared by his beautiful wife Arlette and we also met their gorgeous 12-year-old soccer star son Arthur.

Here are a few of the photographs I took, to see the entire gallery visit my NEW gallery site here! I haven’t loaded the other not so great (pixel wise) pictures from my iPhone, maybe I will add more to the gallery later Smile

img img img img img img

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