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All the fun things I do outside of piano playing

Happy New Year :-)) January 4, 2011

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Couldn’t resist sharing this, every time I look at it, I laugh like a silly little kid — had a ball this New Year’s Eve. Will post pictures of food I made when they are sent to me Smile

Jed and Chris (since when I started hanging with 21 year olds?! lol) at the piano, video length 4 min 43 sec

So, a note of warning… excuse me for my outbursts of “I love you, Jed”… It was late, and there were only a few of us left lol

and no, it wasn’t me humming, and no, I didn’t start playing “Right Here Waiting” this time, and no, it wasn’t my hand, and yes, it was my knee…


How fun :-) May 3, 2009

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Yep, Rachmaninoff does this to you :-)) March 15, 2009

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Too bad Hyung-Ki is in New York while I am in Taipei, well, I am dying of laughter watching him on YouTube instead…

this is only the 2nd concerto, imagine what damage the 3rd concerto does… Smile

So, this is how I got my black eye… ? :-) November 9, 2007

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ps. for those of you who are concerned… I didn’t get a black eye, it is just a funny cartoon…

Raw Macaroon October 1, 2007

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Made Sarma‘s Blonde Macaroons for the NYC Rawfood Group MeetUp film screening event yesterday. It was a last minute decision that I didn’t have enough time to dehydrate them properly when I brought some to the potluck (taste fabulous already though, they were all gone in a few minutes!). But by midnight (12 hours dehydration) they were amazing!!! Better than any Macaroons I have ever tasted, and, do I have a thing for Macaroons! — funny, they never tasted as good as I wanted them to be until I tried this raw version… no sugar high to say the least, they are actually good for you Smile (made of Almond flour, Shredded Coconut, Coconut Butter, Vanilla, Maple Syrup (does not effect blood sugar), and a dash of Sea Salt.)

The Film screening was for “Supercharge me, 30 Days Raw” by Jenna Norwood, quite funny, and it does touch many aspects of the rawfood lifestyle, if you are interested, watching it may help you get motivated.

For me, I started because I just couldn’t bear contributing to animal cruelties any longer (had real hard time separating all animals from my kitties as I grow to love them and understand them more and more), but it ended up being a really fascinating journey of researching and awareness.

This was my first time to a rawfood group meeting. It was so well organized by some really nice people, I even won a big bag of raw cacao powder at the raffle — never won anything in my life! Now I can make raw chocolate Macaroons Wink

Favorite book used:

More things that may interest you:
“101 Reasons Why I’m A Vegetarian” By Pamela Rice

"Meet Your Meat:"
Don’t watch this if you don’t wish to feel grossed out about your dinner tonight. I find information powerful, but I have no cause — I have no need to stop others from doing what they want. It is just very heart breaking to know these things, and also shocking to know how little we know about the world we live in…

Aspen Ideas Festival July 12, 2007

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This past weekend took my new toy iPhone to Aspen for the Aspen Ideas Festival. This is basically a post of how iPhone’s camera responds to light — if a subject is well lit with spot lights, it works fantastically — though it rarely happens in real life… Wink For the ease of use and to quickly document everyday moments, it is quite wonderful with 2.0 megapixels.

landing Ayaan
Landing in Aspen, some stranger got in my picture :: Ayaan Interview

Kirsten Shoes
dear friend Kirsten Walgreen :: her lovely comfy shoes

Rob Elliot
Rob Rieman and the Dutch Royals :: Elliot Gerson – the master mind behind the Festival (took the snap shot without him knowing when he sat next to me… 8) )

Dinning Room
the view from the dinning room at the Aspen Meadows during dinner.

Me Flower
Me with a $30 thousand Sony pro camera on fancy tripod (not mine, but how I love this sutff…) :: random well lit lilies

Some political discussion highlights of the Ideas Festival have been posted on YouTube (my non-political, no agenda concert didn’t make it there Wink ) I was too lazy to leave the room to hear Clinton’s speech since I heard him during the last festival. But he seems to be a big focus of the video clips. Check out this Link !

Robert the Surrealist June 21, 2007

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While Robert was shooting (with my HD video camera) the still life fruit plate (belonged to his adorable wify Celine) for his experimental surrealistic expressionism theatrical short documentary, I was babbling in the background about the actual pineapple and fruit, this couldn’t be funnier… Smile

Filmed after the fund raising concert I played tonight at the Polish Consulate during the beautifully catered dinner. Robert is my favorite photographer/computer genius.

This is my first Flash video, kind of figured it out while riding in the subway last weekend…

iPhone Satire on Conan March 1, 2007

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I was waiting since last year for Steve Jobs’ big announcement in San Francisco January (rumor said that he was going to announce Apple’s support to the new AVCHD video format). Well, iPhone was what he actually introduced… Can’t say it was a disappointment, but now there is one more gadget I have to get… Wink

Crack Spiders February 23, 2007

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stumbled upon this… January 25, 2007

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a really neat flash interactive design by Pixel Peach, took me a little while to take those three to be reunited with their kind.

go to this link for the original larger playground.

(If your browser shows error downloading this page, it is because I disabled the background music…)

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