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Easygreen November 6, 2007

Filed under: food,Planting — Jung @ 12:47 pm


Love love love my Easygreen Sprouter, the best sprouter in the world (and believe me, I have and tried every sprouter there is! Smile ) The chamber provides such perfect enviroment for the sprouts, it sprays water automatically with the set timer, no soaking, no rinsing, zip, nada… takes just 5 days to mature — everyday put in a tray, everyday you harvest a tray of sprouts. It is fantastic!


This is my favorite snack — Sprout Sushi Roll (with either vagan mayo, or raw cashew mayo) — it is really yummmm Smile

Sprout Sushi Roll

3 Responses to “Easygreen”

  1. sampablokuper says:

    Wow, not only do you run a blog full of tips on apartment gardening, you’re also a phenomenal pianist and raise very healthy and adorable-looking cats. You’re ticking all my awesomeness boxes, and I’m very happy to have stumbled across your site Grin

    But enough gushing! What brought me here was an attempt to find out more about the Easygreen. Specifically, do you think it would work year-round in the kitchen of a Victorian house that reaches (due to the combination of poor English weather and poor English insulation) freezing temperatures overnight in the winter? I’m vaguely thinking of getting one, but it occurs to me that adding a heat mat and thermostat may be necessary for the months ahead!

  2. Jung says:

    Dear Sam,

    thanks so much for your kind words Smile

    I find Easygreen working much better in the cold weather since the chamber keeps the sprouts warm and in almost 100% humidity. In the summer time if I don’t add food grade hydrogen peroxide to the water, molds start to grow the second I don’t pay close attention to it…

    I guess you will just have to try it out yourself, I hope it will work just fine.

    happy growing Smile


  3. sampablokuper says:

    Wow, that was quick Smile Thanks Jung!

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