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Fragments September 2, 2009

Filed under: Books,Miscellaneous — Jung @ 12:35 am

Amorous passion is a delirium; but such delirium is not alien; everyone speaks of it, it is henceforh tamed. What is enigmatic is the loss of delirium: one returns to . . . what?

A Lover’s Discourse Roland Barthes

4 Responses to “Fragments”

  1. Alma Mahler says:

    Heartbreak is the cruelest distillation of grief. Its obsession grips and does not let go for – well, much time. But time passes and so eventually does the fever. A new love is much to be hoped for, and searched for.

  2. bill says:

    Sadly, the delusion is Barthes': in his terms the loss of delusion has no meaning – if he was conditioned not to feel nor have emotions, then the loss is moot…he returns to being a robot – an intellectual and highly proficient one, nevertheless a robot. Everything in the quote shouts obfuscation of truth, distortion of reality, and rejection of feelings, emotions, beauty, joy, and love. It is “passionate love” (big difference from Barthes), everyone does not only “speak of it”, humans experience and know love universally, thus there is no need to “tame” the emotion and there is no enigma – that is Barthes’ fiction.

    Intellectual treatise and word play that reflects a dislike for the European Bourgoisie and a rejection of emotion, love, beauty and individual creativity and expression – that is Barthes – despite having lived in Japan. It’s a sad commentary that he did not see beauty and feel – inner piece and joy – in seeing and experiencing a Zen garden.

    Love is all Smile

    Your playing something from Chopin or Rachmaninoff is NOT to demonstrate intellectual and technical proficiency in disecting and analysing the music’s technical merits, how and why the composition and what techniques were used and in delivering a perfect mechanical rendition of the score.

    Rather I hear in your playing you becoming one with the music and expressing your emotions and those of the composer – and most importantly, dragging me and all others who hear you play into the music, to also become one with the joy, beauty, love, sadness and despair – in the experience of hearing and seeing you play. That is not a delusion nor an intellectual treatise.

    And knowing and experiencing love is the highest human expression and fullfillment, the ultimate human emotion – as individuals, in truly becoming one with another human in all ways; not only in passion but also in giving, caring, sacrificing…..That is the ultimate truth, our reason for being – since our cave-dwelling ancestors and across all cultures – even the bourgoisie that Barthes rejects and dislikes so much knew love and created incredible music, art and literature.

    There is love in your playing Smile .

  3. bill says:

    Alma Mahler gives us unequaled pragmatism and practicality, not to mention a perfectly clinical definition of heartbreak, and even advice – a solution. Abby of ‘Dear Abby” fame must have been her disciple. There is always the next love Smile

  4. bill says:

    Listen to Rachmaninoff: the emotions are love – magical, passionate and all consuming. And the inevitability of one’s fate: loss, despair, and acceptance.

    A Russian song “Dark Eyes” ends:
    “But I am not sad, still alive not dead.
    Now my fate is to love you in solitude.
    And the best reward in my life, gifted me by God,
    Is my love and sacrifice to the burning eyes”

    Love is all about giving.

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