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Hello Kitty Bento Box October 12, 2007

Filed under: BooBoo and LouLou,food,Hello Kitty,Students — Jung @ 10:41 pm

Hello Kitty Bento Box

Got the cutest Hello Kitty Bento Boxes (one in red, one in black) decided to make things to fill it up for dinner. After his lesson, Ryota and I started making gyoza (dumplings) from scratch (from dough to vege stuffing), and we made vege udon noodle and some raw vege sushi to go with it. Ryota gets around the kitchen really well, he figures everything out so quickly, a great little helper Smile Not that I show favoritism with my students, I know Ryota’s dad Takashi since I was in high school, he lived just across the hall way from me and still does with his family. I first met Ryota when his mom Wakako was pregnant with him, and he is now 10! Pretty amazing.

Ryota & Wakako
(BooBoo always sits on the table when we eat, politely, but very determined to guilt you into feeding him some yummy food Smile ) 

I haven’t had anyone cooking in my kitchen since my sous chef Nathaniel Yangco passed away earlier this year… Everything in my kitchen reminds me of him, for that he never stopped asking about the technique for every tool I have, and for every dish we made, he took more pride in it then I did… It is nice to have a sous chef again — I had a ball using child labor Smile

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