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MOMA holiday party <3 December 17, 2013

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Went with bff Celine to MOMA’s holiday party after teaching her 3 kids! Seeing Magritte for the 6th time, and I just love an empty museum all to myself!! Can’t wait for the Gauguin: Metamorphoses preview reception on Feb 27th!

Takoyaki party! July 2, 2009

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Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki
Stumbled upon takoyaki making videos on YouTube, couldn’t help myself but ordered an electric takoyaki grill from Japan!

Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki
Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki, and Moto’s Guinness Smile

bff Celine’s baby girl is due next month click here! HAPPY

Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki
Moto, a fab composer, Celine’s hubby Robert’s bff since college!

Fun night making lots of Japanese food on the pre-4th of July weekend Smile

Miss Lin March 31, 2009

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Meet up with bff Celine in Taipei today at 信誼 children’s bookshop shopping for her kids, Zoe and Otto. Love this fuzzy book I found Smile

img_2415.jpg img_2414.jpg

Went visiting my childhood piano teacher at the university after (also Celine’s college piano teacher by coincidence). Miss Lin, who I am in debt to in many many ways, has not changed a bit all these years!


hah, someone (me) is getting chubby! Too much good food and happiness makes one grow sideways Wink

Went to Taipei 101’s Pageone Bookshop and then Eslite Bookshop after by myself, can’t get enough books… took lots of pictures of Hello Kitty everywhere, decided not to post them any longer, this city is really plagued with HK and all the Japanese overload cuteness…    

turning…? February 15, 2009

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2:15 p.m.100 sit ups with weights, 6.4 miles running furiously like there is no tomorrow with Wii Fit, ready to head the shower and start my — birthday — with 3 hours of teaching…

I have a feeling this post is gonna be very long today…

5:51 p.m. Lisa arrived early before I finish teaching… I snapped at her for making noises… (sorry Wink )

6:30 p.m. finally got a phrase through with my student Ryota, let him go at last Smile I continue snapping at Lisa — too wired from teaching — sorry again Wink

7:35 p.m. first round of gift opening, you can see I wasn’t really amused with the hello kitty tiara… hah… Amazingly, HuaHua chewed up my pink keychain just 2 days ago, I was making mental note to self “need a new pink keychain” and Linda read my mind! I got a Juicy pink keychain as one of a big bag of gifts I got from her!!!! I am getting spoiled… But that book on my lap from Lisa is to die for (she was right, it does weigh as much as me)… I am sure Linda is plotting on our visit to El Bulli in Spain now… Smile


8:15 p.m. somewhere in Soho, on the street


8:17 p.m. arriving CRIF DOGS, a hotdog stand with a secret passage to its hidden bar!!!!!


secret passage

Lisa Qui
bff Lisa

Linda & I
Me & bff Linda

drinking Absinthe… imagine!!!!!

too funny…

this concludes the first round of drinking…

9:00 p.m. Pure Food and Wine, my fav raw restaurant!!!! Love you girls for thinking of it Smile

giving bff Celine some raw chocolate Smile

2nd round of gifts, from Zoe too Smile

Celine and Linda
Celine & Linda, I am so happy they like each other Smile


Me and Celine
Me & Celine


sorry, these are the only 2 pix I took of the food, I was not coherent enough to remember to take pictures any longer… Wink

12:07 a.m. back home

Vegan cake made with Agave, no sugar!!! And the little cake on the side is actually a cake for HuaHua… my girls are nuts in love with my dog!!!! Smile

3rd round of gifts, I have rich girlfriends… !!!!!!!! Smile

cutting my cake, eating my cake, enjoying my friends, feeling loved and inspired…

How did this night end? I passed out on the chaise while we were listening to my playing of the Saint-Saëns-Godowski Le Cygne… No one could move me or wake me, I was in my dream heaven… happy and sleeping for once…

Moon… February 10, 2009

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The moon tonight, somewhere soho, after a jazz performance and dinner with my dearest Celine & Robert… 

Pasta Macarena! May 10, 2008

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Not since Nathaniel, has anyone had this much fun in my kitchen!

Lisa, the wildest flower child in the history of western civilization demonstrating her pasta making technique:


Hurting from laughter, I am flat on the floor… Smile

p where can i buy kamagra in australia.s. she wears it better than me — the faux fur apron from Celine

HuaHua, My Long Hair Chihuahua March 20, 2008

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Since the very first time Celine brought me there, Kyotofu has become my favorite afternoon hideout. Walk there almost every week to have the "chef’s omekase." The tea infused rice and home made silken tofu are out of this world…

Have been making tofu at home since, haven’t mastered the texture just quite yet, but don’t make me show you all the tools and different kinds of tofu coagulators I have… Sometimes I think my quest for the ultimate truth in everything is quite insane but I can’t tell you what fun it is in the process Smile

The additional bonus is the puppy shop across the street, where I often linger and fantasize about going home with a pug. A few weeks ago, my attention was taken away from a pug puppy by a couple beautiful looking tiny creatures, they were Long Hair Chihuahuas, I was told. Found myself reading about them on internet for the days to come, can’t quite get over them.

Went into the shop again this afternoon before my lunch, this time the shopkeeper VERY wisely let out a new puppy for me to hold in the tiny secluded area for a very long while… I left the place mesmerized… no, I can’t have a dog, the second I start performing again, I will not be able to take care of a dog… I repeated saying that to myself…

Googgling everything about the breed on my iPhone the whole time I was having my usual at Kyotofu… Left the restaurant, involuntarily walked back to the shop, home with this gorgeous Long Hair Chihuahua wrapped in my sweater in this craziest windy cold day.

There, I officially ended my unofficial affair with the pugs…

I name her HuaHua — she is a Chi-HuaHua, and she is a DOLL (what huahua happens to mean in Chinese Smile )

HuaHua, a Long Hair Chihuahua

HuaHua, Long Hair Chihuahua, born 12/20/2007, weighing 1.5 pound, endearingly fit in my small palm. She is calm, happy, and secure. She looks like a tiny alien chasing my 14 pounds big blue boys around Smile

Robert the Surrealist June 21, 2007

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While Robert was shooting (with my HD video camera) the still life fruit plate (belonged to his adorable wify Celine) for his experimental surrealistic expressionism theatrical short documentary, I was babbling in the background about the actual pineapple and fruit, this couldn’t be funnier… Smile

Filmed after the fund raising concert I played tonight at the Polish Consulate during the beautifully catered dinner. Robert is my favorite photographer/computer genius.

This is my first Flash video, kind of figured it out while riding in the subway last weekend…

Welcoming Otto Henning Buff May 14, 2007

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The long anticipated Full-Month Celebration (Chinese tradition) for Otto was such a joyous event yesterday at the home of my dear friends Celine & Robert’s. This is the time for the parents to show off the new born to all the family and friends. We had a huge production, Otto’s daddy, Robert (a computer wizard), picking me up in the morning, moving all my prepared sauces, food ingredients, kitchen tools, cases of champagne glasses, dishes, serving plates… over to their home, it looked as if I was moving! There ends my catering fantasy — too much moving! Smile

I made lots of food for guests of 30, we ate, we drank, and we ate more, and we drank more, it was sheer happiness little Otto brought us. Maybe Celine should be a mommy for the 3rd time as Robert is already thinking of — we get to celebrate more often Smile

Celine me
Celine and I goofing around…

Zoe Otto’s big sister Zoe playing with popcorns



chefing is a very serious matter to me…

Roasted Beets and Strawberries with Watercress and Cracked Pepper Corn

Zucchini Linguini With Crimini Mushrooms and Alfredo Cream Sauce (raw vegan)

Chilled Creamy Carrot Ginger Avocado Soup (raw vegan)

Red Grapefruit, Avocado, and Fennel Salad with Cracked Coriander (raw vegan)

Smoked Norwegian Salmon on Asparagus with Creamy Melon Yoghourt Dressing

Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare with Crème Fraîche

Blue Point Oysters with Cucumber-Apple Sorbet and Green Apple Mignonette

Seared Duck Breast with Root Vegetables and Four Herb Scented Legume Sauces

(fabulous photos by Robert Buff)

Yes, I AM STILL VEGAN, even though some stuff on the menu I could eat, I ended up chewing a bag of baby carrots with lots of the fabulous sake drinks I made — I can’t think about eating when I cook Wink

Green Rose
Notice that I was wearing a green dress underneath the pink apron and all the dishes have something green in them? Celine got a bounty of gorgeous Green Roses (now seating in my home) to coordinate with my Green/spring theme for Otto’s party. (This picture by me)

Otto got his exciting beginning from her mommy & daddy’s trip with me to Chicago for my performance last summer. Even though he didn’t get to eat my food yesterday, he has tasted the cuisines of famed chefs Charlie Trotter & Rick Tramonto’s from that very beginning in Chicago. Otto Henning Buff was born April 8, 2007 weighing 8 pounds.


Making of the next American Idol March 27, 2007

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Zoe and mommy Celine

Zoe the star
Zoe’s mommy, my dear friend Celine, once told me how much Zoe loves to sing. I was ecstatic when I found this Hello Kitty CD player and Karaoke system!

hmm, how I would have loved to keep it for myself, but it seems like she is going to have lots more fun with it than me Smile

Hello Kitty Karaoke System