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My Aerogrow Herb Garden April 1, 2007

Filed under: Planting — Jung @ 11:20 pm

leaf Day 1 February 6, 2007


Started my AeroGarden today at noon. It is a computerized aeroponic growing system — hard to resist for a foodie and high-tech junkie like me… I will post new pictures when the seeds sprout. Smile

(the planted seeds are (back left to right) Mint, Italian Basil, Dill, Cilantro, (front left to right) Parsley, Purple Basil, Chives.)


leaf Day 3 February 8, 2007

Italian Basil 3 days old

The Italian Basil has poked its head out… I had no idea how hard it is to photograph something that small — the tiny green thing in the middle is the sprout…


leaf Day 4 February 9, 2007

Italian Basil 4 days old

There are a total of 5 Italian Basil sprouts today!

Purple Basil 4 days old

and 2 Purple Basil sprouts showed up too (only one is visible in the picture.)


leaf Day 6 February 11, 2007

Purple Basil 4 days old

There are a total of 6 Purple Basil sprouts today

Purple Basil 4 days old

and 3 very very tiny Mint sprouts showed up too!

(the Italian Basil spouts are doing very well, they don’t look much different, just got a little taller.)


leaf Day 7 February 12, 2007

Dill 7 days old

The very first Dill sprout!

Italian Basil 7 days old

Italian Basil

Purple Basil 7 days old

Purple Basil (both Italian and Purple Basil have started to grow the second tier of leaves.)

Mint 7 days old

The Mint sprouts are getting quite busy Smile


leaf Day 9 February 14, 2007

Dill 9 days old

There are now 3 Dill sprouts.

Purple Basil 9 days old

The leaves of Purple Basil are getting quite purple Smile

Italian Basil and Mint sprouts are not looking too different beside getting taller and taller.


leaf Day 12 February 17, 2007

all 12 days old

Starting to look like a garden Smile

Chives 12 days old

Chives all came out today.

Parsley 12 days old

Close up of the tiny little Parsley sprout.

Now only Cilantro hasn’et sprouted yet…


leaf Day 15 February 20, 2007

all 15 days old

the tiny Pasley sprout stays the same, and there is still no sign of Cilantro


leaf Day 19 February 24, 2007

all 19 days old

still no sign of Cilantro


leaf Day 23 February 28, 2007

all 23 days old


leaf Day 29 March 6, 2007

all 29 days old

Cilantro is not happening, Aerogrow’s customer service very nicely offered to send me replacement Thyme seed pod since most of the people have the same problem with Cilantro.


leaf Day 42 March 19, 2007

all 42 days old


leaf Day 55 April 1, 2007

all 55 days old

I’ve cut out boxes of Basil leaves, they grow faster then I can eat them! What fun Smile

5 Responses to “My Aerogrow Herb Garden”

  1. Afranco says:

    These sprouts are adorable! They are
    growing so fast–what are you feeding them? How do the cats handle these new life-forms? I could imagine all the cats I have ever had having a field day with the buds, but maybe they are protected by the electronic house they live in. By the way, do you ever give your cats catnip or cat grass?


  2. Jung says:

    The seed kit comes with organic nutrition tablets consist mainly of mineral salts. These provide the 13 micro and macro nutrients that all plants require. These tablets also contain:

      Seaweed for a boost of 70 micro nutrients and trace elements

      A buffer so one can use tap water for the plants without adjusting the pH

      A binder to hold the tablet together

    The light is quite bright, the cats don’t seem to care about going near.

    I always thought the idea of the catnip is like — “hey, here is some pot for the kids. They just love it!”

    No, I don’t give them catnip…

  3. soomi kim says:

    This is incredible! Looks like magic! Have you cooked with your herbs yet??

  4. Jung says:

    Basil Leaves

    I get to harvest a box full of basil leaves every week now, made a few fabulous Tomato & Basil sandwiches and an incredible Raw Zucchini Fettucini and Marinated Cremini Mushrooms with Cashew Cream Sauce with lots of both the Italian & Purple Basil in it a few nights ago also Smile

  5. toddn64 says:

    Have you used any other seeds successfully that you have made on your own?

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