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My Aerogrow “Lettuce” Garden April 1, 2007

Filed under: Planting — Jung @ 11:42 pm

I have officially gone mad and got my second aerogrow garden — growing lettuce with this one. Only in a day, one of them sprouted! Lettuce may be much easier to grow than herbs. Smile

leaf Day 2 February 21, 2007

lettuce day 2


leaf Day 5 February 24, 2007

lettuce day 5


leaf Day 9 February 28, 2007

lettuce day 9


leaf Day 37 March 28, 2007

lettuce day 37


leaf Day 41 April 1, 2007

lettuce day 41

This thing has turned me into a goat, I pick and chew on one lettuce leaf whenever I walk pass it. In case you wonder what that pink thing on the left is, it is a Hello Kitty milk shake maker Smile

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