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My Homemade Seed Kit for AeroGarden June 30, 2007

Filed under: Planting — Jung @ 2:24 am

30 days ago, when it was time to replace my lettuce garden after the final harvest, I started aching for more interesting things to grow.

Instead of getting the Aerogrow’s Master Gardener Seed Kit $39.95, I decided to make my own.

Found online a nice mix of French Mesclun Seeds include Chicories, Endives, Lettuces, Mache, Spinach, and Arugula at 1500 seeds/$4.40 and General Hydroponics’ Maxigro plant food 1.5 pounds/$11.95. Then I went to the local hardware store bought a long piece of foam — AC weather seal to be exact (pictured) Smile that shall make about more than a hundred seed pods for $2.99 cialis daily. Cut them to fit the recycled seed baskets, made a gap for the seeds… Voila (only French word I still remember after a year of intense course at the New School… Smile ) my home made AeroGrow Seed Kit!


So here is my new French Mesclun Salad Garden at 30 days young, I feel like I know each one of the plants. For the time spent researching, a few dollar saved, maybe a bit silly, but all that fun I had in figuring out the way was priceless Smile


31 Responses to “My Homemade Seed Kit for AeroGarden”

  1. wrestless1 says:

    Just got my aero garden and found your
    “homemade seedpod” blog. Thanks a million. I’m sure there are a lot of veggies I want to grow without spending
    the money for the official sets. [even though 20% coupons help.] I look forward to keeping up with your aero gardening and mung bean sprouting. And I’ll let you know if I have a green thumb.

    Dear W1,
    I am glad this is of use to you Smile Everything seems to grow really fantastically with Aerogrow, ever since, not only my aero gardens are of success, the new gained confidence helped me keeping all my potted plants alive and well. I am going to try to grow some beens or miniature squashes when one of my systems finishes producing, the only problem is all plants seem to live forever in this aeroponic state, I may need to get a few more systems or even a large system by other companies. As for sprouting, Easygreen is really fantastic, I have lots and lots of sprouts for food, it is unbelievable. My favorites are Alfalfa, clover, and soy sprouts, and sun flower spouts do really well in it too. Well, have fun growing Smile

    – Jung Jan 4, 2008
  2. ivyamelia says:

    THANK YOU- I was just looking at my Christmas present from my husband (aerogarden) and thinking about how ungodly much money I was going to spend on seed pods… I garden and know how little seeds cost, why would it cost $20 for seven seeds? Plus all those little plastic bits getting thrown away. Reading your blog I think it should have occurred to me but it hadn’t so, again, thank you!

    Dear Ivyamelia,
    Thank you, I am so glad. If you come up with other interesting variety of vege that will fit well to grow in the system, don’t forget to let me know Smile

    – Jung Jan 4, 2008
  3. PoppaJim says:

    Thanks for the fast response!

    I’m putting it together now… I bought this thing to grow fresh herbs for our English Angora Bunny!

    She LOVES fresh mint and basil, so I bought peppermint, spearmint, sweet basil, and purple basil seeds and am going to replace the chives, parsley, thime, and dill pods with mints and more basil.

    Wish me luck! Shock)

    OMG! I just googled images of English Angora Bunnies, I am stunned! I had no idea there are such cute looking animals. I almost bought a brown baby bunny in a shop a month ago, but I didn’t see how my kitties wouldn’t abuse it… Also, I almost bought a Long Hair Chihuahua last week… I think, for the sake of my cutest kitties, I should stop going into pet stores, well, getting animals not directly from a reputable breeder is a big mistake anyway… Smile I wonder how smart Angora Bunnies are?

    – Jung March 6, 2008
  4. PoppaJim says:

    I found your page while I was waiting for my aerogarden to arrive.

    I found the exact same wether seal at a local home depot.

    My only other question is, What did you do to replace the cardboard tops on the pods? And how did you stick them on??

    Thanks again for making this info available!

    Dear Poppa Jim,

    You are very welcome Smile I basically just left the paper seal (not cardboard, but thin paper) out since the pods have very small opening, the plants grow to cover them up in no time. The paper seals come with the original seed pods, got loosen in about a few days anyway, and the plants usually push them up when they grow large.

    The only thing I would suggest you to do is, make sure you squeeze the cutout foam in the water first to absorb some water before you put it in the pods, this helps the foam to start absorbing water right away in the machine without air bubbles blocking the flow.

    Hope this helps, and let me know how it works out for you Smile

    – Jung March 6, 2008
  5. toddn64 says:

    Jung – I have an aerogarden and don’t want to pay $19.95 for a seed kit. Have you tried other seeds besides these? what kind of success have you had ?? Thanks

  6. JanetAnn says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful web site you have here, and your experiments are reminding me very much of my own. I love taking photos of my AeroGrown and other hydroponic plants and blogging about them, and trying new things. I am growing purslane, fenugreek, amaranth, and a whole bunch of other things that are not available in the seed kits, starting them out in the AGs and then moving them to other hydroponic containers of various home-brew types.

  7. Sunshine232 says:

    Just wondering if you would pass along the web site for the French Mesculum Seeds and the General Hydroponics Maxigrow Plant food.

  8. Jung says:

    Dear Sunshine232,

    http://www.burpee.com has lots of fun seeds.

    I can’t seem to remember where I got the General Hydroponics plant food, but google it, lots of online shops carry them.

    Have fun growing and happy Valentine’s Day Smile


  9. snoopyo says:


    It looks like a AG 7 pod that you have. I have a Space Saver 6 with the tapered pods. Do you think it would work for that too if I cut to fit?

  10. Eldemila says:

    Thanks for the tip on making your own pods.

    I just got the Elite6 at a garage sale this past weekend. I was thrilled, as I had been wanting/looking for one for a long time. It came with extra bulbs and 4 full kits – all for a whopping $5!!!

    I’d like to be able to make my own grow kits. Can you possibly take a photo and post of the ones you make next time you have to make them? I’m more of a visual type of person.

    Also, has anyone tried something like spinach? Are fruits able to be grown in this??


  11. davy58703 says:

    I am disgusted! I have a 6 pod Aerogarden and my chives did great! I just got a Salsa Kit but the seed pods dont even come close to touching the water. I threw the original pods away already! Any way to build something that may work? I feel worthless!

  12. Paula says:

    Hi, I’ll be the proud owner of an aerogarden very soon. The hubby ordered me the 6 pod unit with the 24″ overhead lamp. I can’t wait to try it out. My SIL has one and loves it. She’s already enjoying her Cherry tomatoes.

    I know I’ll have many questions and hope you’ll bear with me. I do hope to make my own seed pods and try out many different herbs and salad greens. Any favorites you think I should consider, feel free to suggest. Thanks in advance. =)

  13. Jung says:

    Dear Paula,

    How nice of your hubby Smile

    You can pretty much grow anything in an Aerogarden, I’ve tried string beans and it grew just fine even though it wan’t as big as in my own homemade aeroponic system.

    best of luck with all your growing!


  14. Paula says:

    Thanks Jung,

    My Aerogarden arrived 2 days after he ordered it for me. My lettuces are just about ready to come out from under their dome. I have 7 pods, not 6, and 1 seems to be a dud, so I’ll use it to reseed at a later date. I can’t wait to start harvesting my lettuce. My unit came with the Master Gardener kit and the Salad Greens kit. My next crop to plant will probably be fall herbs and flowers. Can’t wait.

  15. Daniel says:

    Hello, thanks for your blog. As I am visual, could you post a picture of your foam with a seed? I don’t really catch it. Thanks

  16. dacaprice says:

    Great post. I’ve been taking the seed pods apart for a while and just replacing them with my own seeds. After I saw your post I purchased the same materials you mention.

    Hopefully I will be able to put it all together soon!

  17. speedracer43 says:

    How do you assemble these homemade seed pods? I so want to make my own. I just cannot picture how they are made… Frown


  18. Paula says:

    Just curious if you’ve had problems with the store bought seeds germinating and growing as profusely as the AeroGarden kits. I’m on my second try of starting my own seeds without signs of life in the spinach pods and only 2 of 3 lettuce pods sprouted. I also have 2 green onions pods, 1 of which came up but withered away. The paper covers that come with the ‘do it yourself’ kit are not allowing the plants to shoot thru either, so I must help each pod by hand.

    Any suggestions?

  19. laace says:

    I need to know how to cut the foam. Does it just sit on the top, or does it have to be all the way down in the plastic tube. I have a Aerogarden and grew the herbs last year, but I’d like to make my own pods as I just can’t afford the cost of the kits.

  20. johnl says:

    Also, you can make a replacement filter from a ScotchBrite pad, just cut it to fit. Of course, dont use a pad that has soap in it, just use a plain one. This tip came to me from a rep. at Aerogarden.


  21. rocky12 says:

    Thanks for the post, we will post your Commercial hydroponics article. we will post for our customers to see your articles on your blog

  22. kookiebhl says:

    Jung, I figured there must be a way to make my own seed pods so I went to Google and brought up your post! Thanks for the great ideas….still trying to imagine how the foam is cut and all. Pics would be great if you do it again. I then poked around on your site and see that you are VERY talented with your piano playing and cooking! You are my kind or friend Jung! I put you in my favorites as we have lots in common. Thanks again!

  23. Michael says:

    There is an even cheaper way. At the dollar store you can buy a package of sponges. They come 8 to a pack. I cut off the netting and save for a future project. I wash the spone with a drop of soap. Rince well and squeeze well. Then fold and cut in half. Cut the two halves in half. Then cut the other two pieces in half. You get eight seed pods from one sponge.

  24. wilderness says:

    I have just received the garden starter system and my second aero garden. I am curious to know if anyone has figured out how to make the garden starter system plugs that appear to be some sort of soiless medium.

  25. lex says:

    It might be a silly question, but how much of the seeds do you use for each pod? If I buy a pack of 400+ seeds, for how many pods should I use it? For instance basil, chives, or parsley? Thanks.

  26. Tess says:

    Hi there, I have purchased an aerogarden thru ebay but it came with no baskets or cones..anyone have an idea what i can use in place of the baskets? Thanks

  27. Mike says:

    Does anyone know a source for the plastic seed pod frame? Not the sponge.

    thank you very very much ! ! !

    Long Beach

  28. Leah says:

    Hehe! I felt the same way after the first kit. Getting ready to enjoy toi choi (so small!) and had some leafy mustard greens last night.

  29. Tayfun says:

    I did it and it works thx.


  30. Rudi Pittman says:

    In reading the web it looks like 35mm plastic film cans can be used as replacement “baskets” with the appropriate slits or holes cut into it. If that works plastic pill bottles of similar size may also work along with the weatherseal or dollar tree sponge. I have not yet tested this.

  31. Carolyn says:

    I have two new model Aerogardens and an older Pro 100 that someone gave me. It doesn’t have the grow bowl so I out an old monitor stand under the lights and I’m doing mason jar Kraky method hydroponics in that.

    Two questions: One of the bulbs went out on the Pro 100. I bought adapters on eBay to use screw in bulbs, however, discovered that don’t fit this Aerogarden. Wondering if anyone has found a solution. I finally bought a bulb on Amazon. $11.00 is too much. I want to be able to use screw in grow bulbs.

    Has anyone made their own grow baskets. I saw a video on You Tube to make them with plastic canvas and zip ties. The video was cut short so don’t know if these would work. Materials are cheap at Walmart. Thanks.

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