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My Very Own Home Grown Cucumber!!!!! May 29, 2008

Filed under: food,Planting — Jung @ 3:22 pm

This may have been the very first aeroponic cucumber ever grew out of an apartment in Manhattan, and it was sweet, crunchy, and fabulously refreshing Smile

Aeroponic Cucumber

Aeroponic Cucumber on a plate

One Response to “My Very Own Home Grown Cucumber!!!!!”

  1. jheron says:

    Wow, great to see your cukes are coming along nicely. I’m assuming this was grown in your homemade aeroponic unit? How are the other plants doing?



    Yes, it was grown from my own homemade aeroponic system. I have totally neglected my plants since I got my puppy, but I am happy that they continue to grow without any care, besides, I don’t have much fruit since I haven’t been pollenating them…

    The white tomatoes are turning white (ripening), I will post them shortly. The tomato plants are sooooooo large, I think I have to cut them shorter since they are getting way too heavy. I ‘killed’ all my peppers and eggplants because, out of stupidity, I put a potted plant (hydrangea) next to the system to get some light. The micro sized green bugs from the soil invaded, then, the gorgeous flowering plants (yellow, white, and purple flowers all over). Bugs thrives with the aeroponic system! No matter how many times I rinse the plants under shower, they procreate in thousands the next day… So I killed all the sweet plants. Bugs don’t like tomato, zucchini, nor cucumber plants, they have a scent. I did get lots of purple string beans, they are great!

    Anyway, I am going to replant all very soon when my puppy doesn’t need so much attention. She is growing up nicely, I should have some time to replant my veges. I have gotten 6 more foggers and boxes to build more systems Smile

    – Jung June 6, 2008

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