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Pan de Bono — Colombian Cheese Bread December 18, 2010

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Pan de bono

Since Calle Ocho opened in upper west side, I sooooo loved their little cheesy buns served at the table. Bugged chef Alex Garcia for recipe a few years back, he gave me a recipe card using their “flour mix” which he gave me 2 buckets of it (grateful). Felt this yuca flour concoction is so rare to come by that I would not ever use them — so I kept going back to the restaurant for dinner in order to get these buns and always asked to bring a basket home (silly me Smile )

Finally googled for the recipe and found out what that secret flour is made of. Making pan de bono for the first time tonight using recipe I found online combined with the recipe chef Garcia gave me, came out perfectly using an ice cream scoop to shape levitra canada online. I am taking advantage of my new neighborhood where all these ingredients are EVERYWHERE! BTW, this is a gluten free bread. THEY ARE ADDICTIVE!!

1 cup yellow masarepa (precooked cornmeal)
1 cup tapioca (cassava, yuca) flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
3 cups grated queso fresco, (or farmer’s cheese, or any mild white cheese)
1 tsp of milk
1 egg
2 teaspoons sugar
salt to taste (1-2 teaspoons depends on the salt content of the cheese you get)


4 Responses to “Pan de Bono — Colombian Cheese Bread”

  1. Lucius says:

    delicious Smile

  2. Dreamer says:

    Incredibly beautiful presentation, the Pan de Bono look infinitely YUMMY Smile

    Everything you have shared, the pics of the red morning sky and the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen, the quotes from Anais Nin and others, a million views of your YT video….They all compel the dream – but with trepidation, with misgivings and feeling like a school boy, here goes Smile


    Anthill canyons awaken to mundane stirrings,
    Eyes cast down scurrying led by invisible strings.
    And on the sidewalk, a very strange enchanted boy
    Longs for her ascending, sings of the greatest thing!
    Red dawn sky mirrored on her walls beckons warm,
    Dark swirling clouds hiding her face gently parting.
    Embrace her flying tendrils, uncover the morning sun!
    Can’t you feel her radiance penetrating?

    In September, on harvest-moon’s morning,
    For her I want to make the sun rise like Orpheus!

  3. Kam says:

    attempted to make this Calle Ocho Cheese bread recipe too. but after following this recipe, i found the amount of liquid to coalesce the flower wasn’t sufficient. am i missing something? 1 tsp of milk and 1 egg doesn’t seem sufficient to for 4 cups of dry ingredients….

  4. Jung says:

    I can’t remember exactly how much milk I used — as I am not really a serious baker, and I love tweaking things… I remember that I adjusted more or less milk each time I baked those bun buns. You really don’t want the dough soft, it will collapse. Here is a good video on YouTube, the recipe is too much on the cheesy side, but maybe it will give you some ideas Smile

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