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Red Bean Dorayaki & Ryota Sawasaki September 29, 2007

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Saw the Danish Ebelskiver Iron on Williams-Sonoma’s catalogue, thought of the red (Adzuki) bean paste stuffed pancake I was so fond of as a child, I knew I had to have it.

The Danish calls it “ebelskiver”, we Taiwanese makes it in the shape of car wheel and simply calls it car wheel “tcha luan”, and the Japanese makes it in the shape of fish called “taiyaki” (red snaper bake) or in round shape called “dorayaki” which is Doraiemon’s favorite food Smile I guess there is a version of it in every culture… whatever sweet treat it is stuffed with, it is delicious!

Made dorayaki for Ryota yesterday, he has become a very mature looking kid over his summer vocation in Japan. His Chopin F minor Etude Op. 25-2 is sounding fantastic now, I think we will put it on his podcast soon Smile

Just found this on YouTube, I am ordering a Taiyaki Maker… It is just too cute… Smile

Favorite toys used:

Hello Kitty slow cooker to cook the red bean to perfection (then chilled and sweetened with Organic Raw Agave Nectar, which does not effect the blood sugar), grain mill to ground fresh organic whole soft wheat for flour, and Ebelskiver Iron.

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